There are excellent fishing opportunities in Puruvesi lake.

According to the seasons, the forests are rich in berries and mushrooms.

Until recent times many bird watchers observed the Arctic migration at the Rasti drop site in Ulponniemi in the spring just under 2 km southeast of Villa Willala. Unfortunately, that area is now privately owned and trespassing is forbidden. At the end of May, more than one thousand loons, thousands of long-tailed ducks, common scoters and geese have been counted on the best days in Rasti.

Villa Willala is located on the same Arctic Migration Highway and has excellent bird observation conditions.

Villa Willala is a great holiday destination for birdwatchers. Waterfowl and shorebirds following the Saimaa-Pihlajavesi-Puruvesi route meet the shore to the north of the Rasti and often rise on the mainland directly above Villa Willala or continue northwest towards Orivesi lake. Waterfowl also often rest at Hummonselkä in front of the Villa.. For example, in mid-May 2018, birdwatchers staying two nights at the villa spotted from the beach nearly 600 loons, over 6000 long-tailed ducks and 1000 common scoters and 10,000 geese. Less common species were black kite, arctic skua, velvet scoter and scaups.

For a day or half-day excursion, within easy reach of Villa Willala, you will find a number of fine natural attractions, for exmple the bird waters of Kitee Päätyeenlahti and Varmonniemi protected birch birches, where among others white-backed woodpecker and nuthatch are nesting .