In Kesälahti county, on the south shore of Puruvesi, which is the cleanest and 7th largest lake in Finland, this is a peaceful holiday destination for year-round use. The house is towards south and has sun shine almost all day from morning to the evening.

The main building is located 50 m from its own beach. The main building has high ceilings: living room, kitchen (all appliances and dishes), 3 bedrooms, electric sauna, WC and large glazed terrace.

From the wood-fired beach sauna you can go swimming in the clear and crystal clear lake water.

Villa Willala is located along the bird migration route, so bird watching is possible. Also during the other seasons you can see many different species of birds.

There are excellent fishing opportunities in Puruvesi.

Depending on the season, the forests are rich in berries and mushrooms.


The cabin is equipped with everything you need.

Year-round usage

Stunning beach cabin all year round.


Partly sandy beach.